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King Lear and the Fool by William Dyce

King Lear and the Fool in the Storm, by William Dyce

I can't believe that a month has passed since my last post! The only indicator that I could put on this amount of time having passed since I last communicated here is the now ever present background noise of adrenaline creeping into my system, as the days count down to the first night of the Artman English Ensemble's adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear at Lost Theatre. 100 days until curtain up!!!

Very excited to be performing our work at Lost Theatre on this occasion (as ever, thank you to the Lost team for their continued support); it's a radical departure from the Artman custom of performing in alternative venues, but a departure that feels like the right challenge for this production.

Lost Theatre

Finding a venue for the our shows is perhaps one of the more difficult parts of the process, especially as we have always insisted on finding somewhere that allows us to host an accompanying performance party late into the night; however on this occasion I knew that we had made the right decision choosing to perform at Lost Theatre, as when I announced it, I could see the immediate effect it had upon the ensemble members, giving them that wonderful vertigo sensation of excitement and fear, knowing that they would be on a proper stage with 180 pairs of eyes and ears following their every move! Excited but scared was how they described it!

I will write again soon... sooner than a month!!! Today is 100 days until show time!! There is so much going on, incidental music being developed, flyers and programs being designed, a set to be realised, costumes to be sourced and made, a lighting design to be created, as well as rehearsals, rehearsals ,rehearsals, and of course marketing, marketing and more marketing!!! It's amazing what can be achieved when you have an immovable date with the public!!

Catch up soon. 100 days!!!

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