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It's now four years I'm with this group of lovely people :) Acting is a very effective way to become more confident with the language, and most of us are not native speakers so you instantly feel at home. The last production, Get Roland, was an amazing experience. The creative process was very enjoyable and fun, being able to spend months rehearsing gave us the time to try new things and polish the one we loved. And it was so exciting touring and performing in Spain! Oliver and Paloma always take care of the whole group in their welcoming, joyful, and professional way. Artman is an example of why London is such a great city - just come once and you'll love it :)


Edoardo Turelli, Italian Tech Lead

I always loved theater and I needed to practice English so I decided to join Artman group. Since the first contact Oli and Paloma were very warm and kind and so was the group, so I always felt I was among friends. I started with Shakespeare course and then I joined Get Roland crew in an amazing experience. I still don't believe I perform for an audience in London.. so exciting!! Can't recommend this course highly enough as it is much more than a course :) Thank you Oli and Paloma.

Flavia Amaral, Brazilian, September 2016


It was one of the greatest experiences of my life in London! I will really miss all of you, because I loved our class on Monday :))


Misaki Soda Japanese, April 2014


I'm with Misaki, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my London life and I'll never forget it! Thank you everyone, you're all awesome and great artists!


Yara Battistoni, Brazilian, April 2014



I was in your class with my school back in 2011. I remember you telling me to always go on and practice my English skills. Well... Now I finally got something that I can use to show people that I did my homework and got better. Check this out! Business English Certificate from Cambridge, passed with grade A and got the C1 Skill Level. Just wanted to show you this and thank you for the great time I had with you in UK whilst also learning something.


Mustafa Ceri, Turkish-Austrian, April 2014

If you are willing to learn English, challenge yourself and do theater... this is for you :-)


Gabriel Pineda, Spanish, November 2013

I had a great friendly time. Such a nice atmosphere! The performance, live music, poets, etc. were all very good, often funny. I will definitely tell my friends and come back!


Claire, French, June 2013

Just want to send my compliments to Oli and the Artman English actors. The show was hilarious and engaging and you all did a great job :-) Thank you for the great night. Cheers.


Amir Khadr, Egyptian-Italian, June 2013

It was a funny and instructive day... I've enjoyed playing and learning English, it made me think... It brought me back 15 years ago , when I was a student at the Drama School in Sudan... Thank you all.


Mohammed Terwis, Sudanese, May 2013

It's an amazing experience to actually create a performing piece out of nothing in such a reduced amount of time... Specially in such a welcoming, friendly, ego-free and creative atmosphere as the one you can enjoy in

Oli's classes. Every Tuesday is a small theatre adventure, a chance to experiment, laugh and make an idea grow

in the company of a fantastic group of people. And yes, you will also improve your English in the process!! :))


Paloma León, Spanish, April 2013


It is so enjoyable to go to the rehearsals. Just sit watching a scene and all worries go and I am rolling down from the chair laughing!! Even if I see a scene for the tenth time, I still find it so funny!

Thank you Guys!



Adrienne Keller, Hungarian, March 2013

I think it´s a good idea to practise English and to learn theatre with lovely people :) I liked the class, the exercises and the atmosphere within the group. Many thanks!


Virginia Tejada, Spanish, February 2013

I wanted to start an activity that could allow me to improve my spoken English while having fun and meeting new interesting people and I'm really not disappointed! I was pleased to extemporise some theatre scenes, to

interprete new characters and to learn how to interprete quickly a script! For sure, I will come back soon! :-)



Daisy, French, February 2013


Entertaining and original. I had loads of fun and met nice people. It's really helpful because it doesn't seem like doing a "proper" school class, although we learnt some grammar rules. Thanks Oliver and good luck.


Calin, January 2013

Good challenge for me, and a very good way of having fun, learning theatre, English, and something else about myself and my feelings... A pleasure.


Jesús Benito, Spanish, October 2012

It was 100% fun, as the title said. I didn't feel pressure of learning English. Theatre games and improvisation made it relaxed and fun!


Takako Yamaguchi, Japanese, September 2012

I’ve never done such a manifold English lesson. It was great to use the idioms in little improvisation theatre pieces, so they are easier to remember. Never seen such a vivid language class before. Thanks.


Thomas, German, September 2012

It was really nice and challenging! We can learn and have lots of fun =)


Karina Cruz, Brazilian, August 2012


Good class, lovely people, lots of fun! I attended my first class yesterday and feel lucky to have picked up such as good Meet up group... will be back ;)


Federica, Italian, August 2012


It was a very amazing experience. I have an intermediate level in English.  Acting in French or Turkish is not difficult for me, but in English it was a very big challenge. I enjoyed myself!


Gozel Bulent, Turkish, August 2012


I really enjoyed the class. It is what I was wishing: laughing, learning English and becoming more extroverted.


Esaul Gimeno, Spanish, July 2012

Great experience! I learned a lot about English and theatre, I improved my self confidence and I met really lovely people. Each lesson was great, really interesting and fun! Best way to learn English!!!!


Cyndia Rodríguez, French Caledonian, June 2012

Try one class, you will do all the course!


Anne-Sophie Eveno, French, February 2012


Hadn't attended a language class for ages. It was a really great experience, something very refreshing and vibrant and, most of all, absolutely different to what I remember from other schools.

Great! Olly, keep it going! :)))


Agata "Daisy" Janicka, Polish, February 2012


I had never tried to act in another language before, but Oliver, with his passion for acting, has taught me to never give up and to continue dreaming and hoping for what you want!  Thank you for everything!


Valeria Valente, Italian, March 2011


Thanks a lot!! I'm sure that one day Artman Facebook page will reach one million likes.


Maria Drobovolski-Nichipurenko, Moldovian, March 2011


Amusing and exciting games are a big part of the programme. Oli combines theatre, much, much fun and teamwork. If I had to find a slogan for advertising the class, I would say: Learning By



Sara, Austrian, March 2011


I wish we did things like these in our English class in Austria. Oliver Campbell-Smith is a great teacher, who has the talent to connect subject matters like grammar, reading... with fun and humour!


Verena Trimmel, Austrian, March 2011


I had an amazing time and, this will sound crazy, but doing that comedy show was one of the happiest days of my life! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in it.


Ayesha Gani, Pakistani, October 2009


Normally after one hour in class I am sleepy; but with you we are all day moving, moving; talking, talking! When do you come back?


Fahan Abdullah, Libyan, June 2006


I come to your classes because I want to improve my English and I am shy, so I think drama will help me. Before I lived in a shell; now my shell is opened.


Enrique González, Spanish, June 2006


I come to your classes even when I am tired, because when I finish I feel like I am new again. Your class is the only time I use my imagination each week –it sets me free from everything for two



Ana María Barceló, Spanish, June 2006

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