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Artman English brings professional theatre to the English learning experience. Artman English goes far beyond the traditional language school environment, taking you on a journey of creative discovery through a professionally led devised theatre process. There are no desks at Artman English: you will be on your feet, moving around a professional rehearsal space, speaking, listening, laughing  and learning.  Artman English produces original work with every course.  Artman English teaches English through theatre.

At Artman English we show students what they can truly achieve through celebrating their own creativity and talent. Building upon the language that you have already acquired, you will devise, improvise, perform and critique —all whilst speaking English!

If that sounds intense, don't worry: with over twenty years of professional acting, directing and educational work, our TESOL qualified tutors are expert in bringing out the best in all our students, regardless of their previous experience. We believe that your time with us should be a pleasure!

Artman English will introduce you to a way of learning that engages the whole person, developing your abilities in all aspects of the language, and immersing you in an environment that educates and entertains in equal measure. 

Artman English takes learning to the next level.

Artman English is London’s most creative language course.

Artman English makes learning an experience for life. 


International Artman Engish Ensemble waving their hands from Barcelona, after one of their Engish Through Performance productions

Your education is your creation!

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