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Still from Viridiana, by Luis Buñuel

Image from Viridiana, by Luis Buñuel

Well, today feels like an important day in the evolution of our latest production, the Artman adaption of King Lear. Today, we finally got together all of the performers we need so that no actor playing a character central to the drama needs to double up and play another role. I am a very happy director indeed. King Lear is such a charged play, and it feels truly exciting to have a fully stocked ensemble to tear into Lear’s lunatic world of politics, blood and betrayal.

It is a particular feeling, when you know that you are a member of an ensemble. That sense of friendship in common purpose and that excitement knowing you are going on that beautiful funfair ride called theatre together :)

It’s good fun, it’s heart-warming and the last two rehearsals I have come away with a big old smile on my face, thinking ”yeah, we made some good theatre tonight!”. So very chuffed to have such a great group of people together for this year’s ensemble. There’s “lucky for some”, thirteen in the group, and everyone of them's a gem :)

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