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Illustration: Pavel Tatarnikov's for King Lear

Illustration by Pavel Tatarnikov

We are pleased to say that Artman English is back to the blogosphere, and that it is here to stay! ;)

This Autumn is being a very Shakespearean time for us, although fortunately the "murder most foul" remains strictly in the rehearsal room ;)

Our Artman English Ensemble is working on a very liberally abridged version of King Lear, with a live saxophonist and guitarist adding their own acoustic apocalypse to the tragedy. It's so exciting to be working on such an iconic text with an ensemble so energised and willing to embrace new ideas.

We are also continuing our Learn English, Love Shakespeare classes on Thursdays. These sessions bring an altogether different pleasure, namely the freedom to explore and experiment without the imperative of a performance deadline. Such a privilege. Macbeth has been the text of the term, and we have relished being immersed in its "black and deep desires". Atmosphere you could cut with a knife.

"All hail Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter..."

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