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Artman’s seventh performance showcase party for the spring academic term 2014, featuring 29 performers. 


Artman parties, originally conceived to provide a platform for Artman’s love of large scale, low budget, multi-national, satirical theatre performances, now provide a home for the Artman English crew to show their work among fellow artists.

This time Artman Spring Arousal really got people sitting up, with two Artman English groups sharing their term’s work in spectacular style, coming together as one ensemble to perform Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. The production was automatically appealing to anyone even remotely looking to enjoy themselves thanks to the amazing make-up design by Davinia Ayala and the striking hair creations by Hollie Cotton; truly magical what these two talented designers created!  And to finish the deal off, the production was accompanied by a live semi-improvised band led by the fabulous, Leader of the Orchestra, Dr. Antonio Coelho and his Violin.


The evening also had performances from the ever awesome Delta Lima, premiering some work from his new album; the ever formidable decibel rebel Ross Connell; a first reading of the final instalment to a monstrous trilogy from our very own prose pilot, The Moonshark; unforgivable foolery from IDIOT and some heart-felt punk classics from The Squibs.


The audience loved the whole shebang and we all had a fully charged evening of great performances, friends and fiesta. Thank you all. Great : )

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