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The second instalment of Artman's double-ender weekend of waywardness at the fantastic reclaimed arts space The Hive

An evening of bohemian togetherness with yet more acts and the last chance to see Artman English Ensemble's Get Roland on 2016, on this the last night of their tour. A night of rumbunction that was remembered for the rest of the year!  

The Hive is one of London's most vibrant alternative venues, offering both public and artists alike the creativity, fun and empowerment of a reclaimed space, a space that we can all call our home, a space beyond the bull of bang for buck Britain! 


With performance pollinations from Delta Lima, IDIOT, Corral Torrisi & The Lost Band, Henry AK Smith and Margaret Thatcher Queen of Burlesque, there was enough arty nectar for everyone!!

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