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After what can only be described as a truly colossal effort by actors and production team alike (27 people in total!!), the curtain rose on Queen Lear on June 9th... What a magnificent night... Not only did our audiences think that it was a great production from a theatrical style and design perspective, but they were blown away by the standard of acting and the fluency and professionalism with which our international cast delivered Shakespeare's lines.

Our 13 non-native-English-speaking actors from seven different countries, with previous performance experience ranging from never having been on stage to having worked professionally, commanded their space and gripped their audience for an hour and forty minutes without interval. A major achievement that rightly received resounding applause.


Queen Lear was presented at Lost Theatre for two nights (9th-10th June), with the final performance being part of one of the legendary Artman parties.

With set design by Carlos Cashiero, props by Roxi White, Alessia Pizzitola as our seamstress, Angela Weberbauer as our make-up artist and costume, make-up and lighting design by Paloma León Calopa, the show looked stunning on the Lost Theatre stage. Such a great off west end theatre space with great lighting and sound facilities, wonderfully raked seating that really connects the audience and performers, and an in-house production team that went to infinity and beyond to make sure that all of our technical requirements were met so that we could have a genuinely seamless dress rehearsal. Thank you, Stockwell Playhouse.


As Artman English's most ambitious production to date, Paloma and I are truly delighted with what a triumph it has been and we can only reiterate our congratulations to the cast for their exceptional work and send our heartfelt thanks to all of the production team for their talent, skill and commitment... 

Thank you too to all of the artists who performed at the after-show party —we are blessed by your support and privileged to have people of such enormous talent entertaining our audience late into the night. Thank you to Delta LimaThe MoonsharkRoss John ConnellHenry AK SmithEbony Rose Dark, Kikuelo and Corral Torrisi And The Lost Band


The Artman English Ensemble's work is always focused on developing dynamic, stylistically bold theatre that entertains our audience and so far we have unequivocally succeeded! We love them and they love us!

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