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For the first night of their London Double-Ender weekend, Artman English Ensemble performed their outrageous comedy Get Roland, supported by the fantastic Corral Torrisi and The Lost Band. 

A night of music and theatre to delight, shock and surprise, held at a wonderful London music and comedy pub, bursting with bohemian warmth and cosy originality: The Cavendish Arms

The evening was introduced by the seductive vibes of Corral Torrisi and The Lost Band, a swing jazz, Spanish, English, guitar, sax, clarinet, songster crew with tales of corpus, corazón and all things "morning after"...

Get Roland is a wild revenge comedy, with stomach churning themes straight out of a Greek tragedy... Murder, megalomania, sex-addiction and fashion... The audience was fascinated with Roland Astaldi! An hour and a half of comedy that took them you to the brink and beyond... 

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