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Artman English Ensemble has grown out of the Artman English Through Theatre school. Since 2012 Artman English has created and staged sixteen performances and one radio play, including shows in Budapest (The Green Cat Theatre Bar & MÜSZI), Barcelona (Tinta Roja), Madrid (El Umbral de Primavera) and, most recently, with the production Queen Lear —an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear—, London (Stockwell Playhouse).


The group devises their work under the directorship of Oliver Campbell-Smith, who has twenty years of professional theatre experience, working with nationally recognised companies as both an actor and a director. Oliver spent his formative acting days working in LeCoq based theatre, and developed a love of comedy, satire and the grotesque. All of Artman’s shows revel in this style of work and we like to create a raucous atmosphere for the performers and audience alike. Artman has never been accused of intellectualism; we are firmly centred in what Rabelais referred to as “the lower stratum” and we love every minute of it! 


The group works to the Artman ethic of creating theatre affordably and fast; our normal time scale to create a piece and put it in front of an audience is about one week's worth of rehearsals spread over three months! Fast birth theatre is a deliberate attempt to claim back theatre as an art of the people by making it affordable, imperfect, human, punk and liberating! We are bawdy! We are rude! We are carnivalesque!


The Artman English Ensemble will perform their last production on March 23rd 2019 as part of the Artman Armchairmageddon Party


You can buy tickets here.  

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