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A national project with the UK’s leading production company for the visually impaired, Extant, in association with Aculco Radio.

Artman was asked to devise and direct a radio play working with thirteen visually impaired adult students and Louise Jenkins, a visually impaired professional writer. The project was funded to explore the experience of living with visual impairment and was a huge challenge to a number of the participants, as not only had they never performed before, but they were also still in the process of adjusting to their visual impairment.  

The group was crammed with talent, and in just 12 x 3 hour sessions of devising and writing, the participants created the hilarious comedy Sidetracked. The piece was recorded over two days and broadcasted by Aculco Radio on 4th November 2013.


Thanks to everyone for a truly excellent time, and special thanks to Samuel Wilkins for a great job on the sound: wonderful. 
This was a project that aspired to achieving incredible things in a short space of time, and we believe as a group that's exactly what we did. Huge thanks to the group, Extant and Aculco for many weeks of fun and entertainment.



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