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When a young life is full of pain, when no-one seems to listen or love, sometimes the only people who can help you cope are those inside of you. Identities created to protect and survive.


FML was Bare Truths’ fourth production and first film. The project was funded by the national organisation Media Box and Merton Youth Generator Fund.  FML was written, shot and performed by the young people of Bare Truths after extensive research into mental health.


As always, it was Bare Truths’ aim to express life as we know it: no hiding, no shame and no rose-tinted glasses; just truth.


The film was premiered in February 2011 at HMV Curzon Wimbledon cinema, with further screenings at The Wyvern Youth Centre, The John Innes Youth Centre, Sutton Social Services Dads Really Matter Too Conference and the BAFTA and Media Trust Youth Mentoring Programme England Showcase.


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