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After the wonderful experiences in Budapest, Artman English wanted to take its theatrical muppetry to more cities in Europe, so... to Barcelona we went! :) 

We performed Get Roland, a wild revenge comedy, with stomach churning themes straight out of a Greek tragedy. It is a lunatic ride through  twenty-four hours of the life of a murdering, megalomaniac, media obsessed, award winning, fashion icon: Roland Astaldi. 


Artman English had a truly wonderful weekend away with the cast of Get Roland and the fantastic musical group Coral Torrisi and the Lost Band. Eleven of us on the road, in a completely dreamy cabaret club: Tinta Roja Espai d'Art, Barcelona (map here). Pure theatre... total rock and roll!!

We specially love this comment from an audience member we met in Barcelona, who was touring a contemporary dance show with Göteborgsoperans Danskompani:  “You guys are absolutely mental, it was soo much fun, we all had a blast.”

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