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Another night of glorious Artman rambunctiousness, who sent people home happy, tired and inspired! It was a night of non-stop laughter, creativity and pleasure with:




  • The Moonshark's latest adventure of his hilarious ill-fated comedy anti-hero Robin. Another classic round of writing from the pen of the master of detail, writing to make you laugh, cringe and cry.


  • The super talented, fiercely bearded, rebel-songster Ross Connell, along with John Lennox Jr on their new two-man / two-guitars set. High-quality stuff... Great, great, great!


  • Carlos Cashiero, with his spoken word and his wonderfully ridiculous pyjamas in the Bahamas, a delight to see his luxuriant hair flowing and his trademark bounce back again.


  • The charmingly lyrical set of love, lust and lunacy of Corral Torrisi & The Lost Band. The native Spanish speakers in the audience reveled in Hector’s bawdy poetry, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the lilt of the Spanish language and the atmosphere of storytelling through song. 


  • Aaaaaaaand our last performance of the night... Henry A K Smithfor a second rendition of his fabulous guided dolphin meditation... Without his imagination taking us to places we would never go without him, we would never have reached our full individuation, true happiness and global healing.

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