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The fifth Artman party and the birth of a new Artman English show. Ten classes/thirty hours and the Artman English crew had created Feel the Harmony, their next magnificent satire, and one which would grow up to travel to Budapest and spawn a radio play adaptation too!


Once again, nine out of ten members of the group wished to continue with the course from the previous term, meaning that the majority of group were now working together for their third consecutive term. Artman English were now an Artman English Ensemble!


Feel the Harmony did the Artman English Crew proud. It was a satire about a dystopian, totalitarian world of iPerfect Apple domination, created by a cast half of whom are programmers! It had everything an audience could want: artificial insemination of chickens, Brave New Worldesque indoctrination orgies, Resistance recruitment in saunas, an evil scientist, a comedy suicide bomber and, of course, a love interest! 


Also performing at the party were The Moonshark, with his latest piece of sardonic, realist, gonzo short story writing; Dee El Da Lyrical, King Logic and Reno, tearing up the mic with their lyrical wizardry; IDIOT and the story of Three Little Pigs; Uke and Aimee, with their surprisingly sultry ukelele and voice duets; The Slurps, giving it the tongue for punk; Ross Connell, working his strings to the bone whilst he brings it all home with his beard and guitar, singer-songster appeal; Henry AK Smith, working his surreal magic with a McDonalds communion; and of course, no Artman party would be complete without AcidHeadZ, who tore it up with an amazing VJ and live drumming set that left us bopping down the street for the rest of the week!





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