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Held at the vibrant CLF Art Cafe in the famous Bussey Building, the last and legendary Artman English party was created especially for the British General Election (7th May 2015) and performed just four days before the voting (3rd May 2015).


The party was packed with great acts from within the Artman familiy that kept everybody truly entertained all afternoon: The Parliamentalists, IDIOT, Delta Lima + NO NAME and Ross Connell.


The Artman English crew presented an even funnier second version of The Parliamentalists, shorter and more polished after working on it for another 10 sessions. The Parliamentalists is a deeply irreverent bouffon show satirising our political leaders and their parties, with wholly absurd characterisations and ludicrous story lines, culminating in David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband pretending to be Islamic State militants in a desperate attempt to defeat UKIP in the election!


The show was supported by an in house live band playing popular classics like you've never heard them before! Our band is the fabulous Antonio Torrisi on violin, the folicly gifted Ross Connell on guitar and the multi talented jazz maestro Chris Campion.

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